What is Chrome Operating System

Today everyone is familiar with the term Chrome, thanks to google and their Android Operating system. Most of us have known Chrome as a Web Browser but…

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Solaris OS

What is Solaris Operating System

If you use a Desktop or Laptop then most probably you’re either using Windows 10, Mac OS, or some advanced users may use Linux. But despite these…

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snow leopard

History of Mac Operating System – Part Two

Apple is the worldwide leader in the personal computer and notebook industry. In 1984 they started their journey with the launch of Macintosh and the first GUI-based…

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History of Mac OS one

History of Mac Operating System – Part One

Today, Apple has established itself as the largest and most diverse product ecosystem in the computer industry. Right now Apple competes extremely well in the three most…

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Pixel 4a

Google Pixel 4A Reviews – A Clean Android Phone

Thinking of buying a Pixel 4a in 2021? Here’s everything you need to know before you decide… The Pixel 4A is a mid-range smartphone launched by Google…

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Android application

Android Framework Architecture – The structure

Android, Inc. started with a clear mission by its creators. According to Andy Rubin, one of Android’s founders, Android Inc. was to develop “smarter mobile devices that…

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Android jellybeen

History of Android Operating System

Today anyone who used a Smartphone or mobile device is familiar with the term Android. No doubt Smartphone has become an essential part of our life. As…

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Features of Ubuntu Operating System

Ubuntu is an operating system based on the Linux kernel. It’s one of the popular Debian-based Linux distributions out there in the market. Now you might be…

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What is Debian Based Operating System

Debian is one of the oldest, most popular, and stable Linux distribution and operating systems based on the Linux kernel. It’s free and open-source software developed by…

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The Evolution Of Macintosh – A Brief Story

Today, Apple is widely used around the world which helps them to create a large ecosystem. In the past 37 years, they have established itself as the…

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