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Hi! I’m Preetam, the creator of Osstory. Here I share some exciting tech stories about Operating systems, Gadgets, and new tech innovations.

I’m fully self-taught and still learning and improving my tech skills. Technology is my passion since my childhood I spent lots of time with technical books, films, Videos, Computers, etc. But the most interesting fact is most of the technical training I did after my graduation.

I’m here to share everything I’ve learned about computer technology and Operating Systems and all the related stuff with you – all the sweet stuff I knew when I was just starting out.

I’ve gone through lots of ups and downs along the way and my goal with this website is to help you learn tech skills faster than I ever did.

If you’re just getting started with any Operating Systems and your goal is to learn more about new technology, you’re in the right place! Additionally, I also reviewed digital products, and give my honest feedback for those, if you love gadgets then check them out.

But most importantly freelancing has given me the chance to spend more time with my family and friends.


After doing my graduation in B.sc I started my tech journey with hardware & networking and suddenly fell in love with OS and digital products. I never planned any of this.

After doing my 9-to-5 job for almost seven years in the tech support industry I learned many things about OS and Computer. I’m going to share all of that with you.

Along with my work, I keep upgrading myself with new skills from time to time with my certifications and study. In recent years I also learn more about Windows, Linux, AWS, Azure, Android, etc. These skills help me to build a solid foundation in my industry.

But I wasn’t feeling 100% happy with everything.

I started thinking how insane it was to spend half of the day at an office, day in and day out. Going through mass email, solving the same issues, and doing repetitive work just seemed unfulfilling. It just felt like such a waste of time.

Was this the life I wanted to lead for 30-40 more years? So I started this blog.

Operating System the Heart of A Computer.

So what is an operating system?

The operating system is the software that enables us to communicate with the computer. It works as a bridge between user and computer.

One of the most popular OS is windows which first release in 1984 and since then it dominates the OS industry like a boss. Windows is very easy to use and anybody can use it with no prior knowledge.

There are also multiple numbers of OS available but here I want to discuss the most significant of them all. Some of them are Linux, macOS, Other Linux distributions, Android, iOS, Free BSD, Solaris, Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, etc.

With the operating system, you can use your computer to browse the internet, check your email, edit digital photos, listen to music, play games, watch movies, create your business plan, do PowerPoint presentations, and much more.

OS is also used in every office because it gives you access to productivity tools such as calendars, word processors, and spreadsheets.

Today technology is everywhere and in everything, we can’t deny it. And the simple solution is we have to educate ourselves to use these technologies.

The computer industry is booming day by day because of its worldwide importance. And OS is the key of any client or server computer. Sectors like Business, Banking, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Agriculture are hugely benefited from this.

Every business nowadays uses a computer. The demand is huge for OS like Windows, Mac, Linux, Ubuntu,  Android, iOS, etc. Learning about OS is a must for all to work efficiently.

Needless to say, high demand usually means more opportunity too. To grab this you have to learn about OS and new techs anyway.

Why I create Osstory.

Learning about OS is important for beginners today. It will give you a strong base over the OS and made you a better version of yourselves in this technology industry. Ultimately help you build a successful career.

This website and posts are here to help you start a new chapter in your life. Learning os and all other related skills turned my life around for good – for the better. And I know you can achieve just that, faster than I did.

And needless to say, gadgets and other digital products have become a valuable part of our life and for every purpose like communication, education, training, business, finance, agriculture, medical, travel we need these products. So sometimes before purchase, we want to know about the products and that’s why I think these reviews help to make a decision.

We all should be able to enjoy every day doing what we love. And it doesn’t need to be anything fancy – I spend a lot of my time just cooking, biking around town, hiking in nature, or eating snacks with friends.

So, whether you want to start a side gig, become a digital nomad and travel around the world, or just build a solid foundation for taking care of your family, I’m here to help you out.

If there’s one super helpful tip I can give, this is it:

Always have fun with it! And always know what your goals are! OK sorry, that’s two tips…

I mean, if you don’t have a clear goal, how can you know if you’re headed in the right direction, right?

With that being said, I’m looking forward to seeing how you’re learning journey turns out! Drop me a line at contact@osstory.com I’d love to hear from you!

Good luck, happy learning, and catch you soon!preetam face

– Preetam.

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