iPhone 13 mini – Powerhouse in a Nutshell

Apple is among the few companies that still produce phones like iPhone 13 mini for the users who want comfort over show off. The device looks small…

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surface duo 2

Surface Duo 2 – Productivity on the Go

The Surface Duo was initially unveiled at Microsoft’s hardware event in October 2019 and finally went on sale in September 2020. Exactly after one year, on September 22nd Microsoft…

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Surface Laptop Studio – Gear up your Creativity

Imagined a Surface device that is so powerful to handles all your crazy stuff with ease and at the same time looks extremely sleek and beautiful. The…

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What is Manjaro? – A Powerful Arch Derivative

The whole Linux distribution is so big that one can imagine and every moment innovations and experiments are happening. Manjaro is one of them and probably the…

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Arch Linux – Is There Anything to Fear About?

When you suggest someone to use a Linux-based operating system the question constantly comes up what is the best Linux distribution for beginners? and nine out of ten…

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iPhone 13 – Fly High with Complete Freedom

Nowadays technology is changing rapidly, so what is relevant today may be old tomorrow. And the same goes for any smartphone that launched each and every year….

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Newest Microsoft Surface Tablet – New Surface Go 3

This year Microsoft has given their fans a double treat. First, they announced the brand new Windows 11 operating system then On September 22nd they announced a…

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surface pro 8

Microsoft Surface Pro 8 – Brand New Surface

On Wednesday, September 22nd, 2021 Microsoft announced a bunch of surface devices at an event. Along with others, the next-generation Surface Pro 8 has been announced and…

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iOS 15 globe

iOS 15 – Share and Connect Everything

Finally, after a bunch of beta versions, On 20th September Apple released their new operating system iOS 15 for iPhones and iPadOS15 for iPads. iOS 15 brings…

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Kubuntu logo

Kubuntu – KDE Desktop on top of Ubuntu

One of the best Linux distributions in terms of stability and Customization is Kubuntu. It’s by far the most used Linux Flavour based on Ubuntu. All  Ubuntu…

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