What is Manjaro? – A Powerful Arch Derivative

The whole Linux distribution is so big that one can imagine and every moment innovations and experiments are happening. Manjaro is one of them and probably the…

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Arch Linux – Is There Anything to Fear About?

When you suggest someone to use a Linux-based operating system the question constantly comes up what is the best Linux distribution for beginners? and nine out of ten…

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Kubuntu logo

Kubuntu – KDE Desktop on top of Ubuntu

One of the best Linux distributions in terms of stability and Customization is Kubuntu. It’s by far the most used Linux Flavour based on Ubuntu. All  Ubuntu…

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Linux Mint

Linux Mint – A Simple yet Powerful OS

Talking about the Linux distributions, there are thousands of those and the number increases every day. But if you’re new to Linux-based operating systems you feel it…

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What is Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Red Hat Enterprise Linux is an open-source operating system built and maintained by Red Hat and widely used in the commercial market. Its mainly used in physical…

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Fedora 34

Fedora 34 – Speed with Stability

Fedora is an Open-source Operating System built and maintained by a community using the Linux Kernel architecture and sponsored by Red Hat. The Fedora 34  gives you all…

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Red Hat Software Company – Based on Open Source

Red Hat, Ink. Is an American software company that provides open-source software and services to the enterprise. Founded in 1993, Red Hat Software Company is the Worlds…

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What is FreeBSD Operating System

BSD stands for Berkeley Software Distribution an organization that works for the research, development, and distribution of Unix-like operating systems in Berkeley University California. The Computer System…

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What is Fedora Operating System

Fedora Operating System is an Open-source Operating System built and maintained by a community using the Linux Kernel architecture. Fedora, the Only Linux Distribution that creates an operating system…

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CentOS blue

What is CentOS Operating System

CentOS is a popular open-source operating system maintained and developed by a large community of people. The core of the OS uses a Linux Kernel and builds…

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