MX Linux 21 – Filled with all Ingredients

MX Linux is one of the most powerful Linux distributions today it’s a fusion of the solid Debian-based and ingenious innovation by MX developers that delivers a…

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Garuda Linux – Beauty is Everywhere

Garuda Linux is a new addition to the Linux-based distribution. Grid Computer of India started a project in 2020 and as a result, Garuda OS got its origin….

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Endeavour OS – Atlantis Neo has Arrived

All Linux distributions carry some features of their own and that is what sets them apart from others. Endeavor OS is a unique Linux distribution based on…

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Pop OS 21.10 – Landed with Full Gravity

Pop OS is a highly customized, x86-64 Linux distribution based on Ubuntu and Elementary OS. It is built on the principle of providing the most powerful and versatile tools possible…

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Elementary OS 6 – Empowering you with Open Source

Elementary OS is one of the clean and good-looking Ubuntu LTS based Linux distributions that excites me the first time I heard about it. Recently after three…

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What is Zorin OS 16 – An Easy Way to Know Linux

Zorin OS is a Ubuntu-based Linux operating system specifically made for beginners who want to migrate from Windows and iOS without typing any commands in the terminal….

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What is Deepin – A controversial Linux Distro

Deepin is a Linux-based software distribution created based on Debian’s stable branch. The latest version of Deepin 20 is based on Debian 10 (Buster). Deepin is a…

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What is Manjaro? – A Powerful Arch Derivative

The whole Linux distribution is so big that one can imagine and every moment innovations and experiments are happening. Manjaro is one of them and probably the…

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Arch Linux – Is There Anything to Fear About?

When you suggest someone to use a Linux-based operating system the question constantly comes up what is the best Linux distribution for beginners? and nine out of ten…

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Kubuntu – KDE Desktop on top of Ubuntu

One of the best Linux distributions in terms of stability and Customization is Kubuntu. It’s by far the most used Linux Flavour based on Ubuntu. All  Ubuntu…

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