Android 13 new features and Improvements

Lock your seatbelt and be ready for the new ride because the next version of Android has launched and is ready to explore your smartphone. Yes, a…

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Today I’m talking about the new update, MIUI 13 where Xiaomi added many new features and customization for their phones and I got this new update with…

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iOS 16 Public Beta – Installation and Overview

With every new update, Apple gives iPhone users a more personalized experience, and the iOS 16 Public beta is a great step forward. Using automation, and artificial intelligence…

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What is a Server? – Definition from

The server we all are very familiar with this terminology and most of the time we hear about server fail, server down, server unreachable, server busy. So…

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iOS 15 – Share and Connect Everything

Finally, after a bunch of beta versions, On the 20th of September Apple released their new operating system iOS 15 for iPhones and iPadOS15 for iPads. iOS…

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Android 12 UI

Android 12 – Simple and Elegant from Google

Great news for Android users as Google is planning to release their brand new Android 12 Operating system anytime around September or October 2021. On February 18th,…

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Google Pixel 6 – Upcoming Pixel Line up

Great news for Pixel fans as Google finally confirms the launch of their new pixel lineup Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. Google shared some important details…

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What is Chrome Operating System

Today everyone is familiar with the term Chrome, thanks to google and their Android Operating system. Most of us have known Chrome as a Web Browser but…

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snow leopard

History of Mac Operating System – Part Two

Apple is the worldwide leader in the personal computer and notebook industry. In 1984 they started their journey with the launch of Macintosh and the first GUI-based…

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History of Mac OS one

History of Mac Operating System – Part One

Today, Apple has established itself as the largest and most diverse product ecosystem in the computer industry. Right now Apple competes extremely well in the three most…

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