Teams by Microsoft

Microsoft Teams – Communicate and Share easily

Today with the help of technology we can easily communicate with each other and exchange pieces of information. That’s why Microsoft has created Microsoft Teams for us,…

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What is Microsoft Windows Server?

Servers are extremely powerful machines that are designed to run constantly and provide resources for other computers. Microsoft Windows Server is Microsoft’s server operating system designed primarily…

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Surface Laptop 4 – Choose from AMD or Intel

Surface products are always built for creative individuals who want to use technology as a tool to break all the barriers and create something special for everyone….

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surface duo 2

Surface Duo 2 – Productivity on the Go

The Surface Duo was initially unveiled at Microsoft’s hardware event in October 2019 and finally went on sale in September 2020. Exactly after one year, on September 22nd Microsoft…

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Surface Laptop Studio – Gear up your Creativity

Imagined a Surface device that is so powerful to handle all your crazy stuff with ease and at the same time looks extremely sleek and beautiful. The…

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Newest Microsoft Surface Tablet – New Surface Go 3

This year Microsoft has given their fans a double treat. First, they announced the brand new Windows 11 operating system then On September 22nd they announced a…

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surface pro 8

Microsoft Surface Pro 8 – Brand New Surface

On Wednesday, September 22nd, 2021 Microsoft announced a bunch of surface devices at an event. Along with others, the next-generation Surface Pro 8 has been announced and…

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Xbox Series S – Power packed in a Small Box

When something develops, it grows. And if you develop something, you create it. Similarly, when Microsoft developed the Xbox Series S they created something special for the Xbox Fans….

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Microsoft Windows Office 365 – Best Companion

Microsoft Windows Office 365 is a combination of multiple office utilities and other tools integrated into one package and you have all the important services in one…

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How to Install Windows 11 Insider Preview

A brand new version of windows is around the corner and you have all the reasons to feel excited about it. This time with the new Windows 11…

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