How to Install Windows 11 Insider Preview

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A brand new version of windows is around the corner and you have all the reasons to feel excited about it. This time with the new Windows 11 Microsoft brings us a visual treat. And if you are impatient like me and taste it right now then you have to install the Windows 11 insider preview where you find a glimpse of Microsofts new Operating System.

Frankly speaking, look wise it feels nice and refreshing and the best from Microsoft so far. If you are someone who loves the graphical enhancements and variety of themes and customization then windows 11 is able to satisfy you in every Aspect.

Apart from looks, there are lots of interesting features which are engaging and really helpful in terms of multitasking. Some of them are New centered in one start menu ( Search, news, mail, file manager, store), snap desktop, New modified widgets and taskbar, new Microsoft store with android app support, Auto HDR gaming, etc.

According to Microsoft, the new version will be rolling out free for windows 10 users. All the new upcoming PCs have Windows 11 preinstalled. To know more about Windows 11 check here.

How to install Windows 11 insider preview?

In this post, I’m talking about the official method for upgrading windows and you can do that from your original Windows 10 machine. But before doing any steps my advice is you should not try it on your primary machine because it’s a developer version.

Although I don’t face any major bugs or issues, some features may work abnormally, and it’s fine for a developer version. But if you are using some premium software like Adobe then you may be facing some issues so it’s better to try it on a secondary machine.

Insider Preview builds are specifically designed for testing purposes and some features that Microsoft showcased earlier may be absent in this preview version.

Check your PC Compatibility:

Before doing anything you just make sure that your PC hardware is supported by Windows 11 or not. To check this Microsoft created a nice tool called PC Health Check which shows you the pc compatibility with windows 11.

You have to go to for this software but if you won’t find this, here I provide a link where you find the software.

  1. After installing the software just install > Run > Click on Check Now.
  2. It then shows you whether your PC runs Windows 11 Or not.

If you see and success message then your hardware is adequate for running Windows 11. Now go on with the other steps.

Pc health

Download the official PC Helth Check here.

Note: much older processors may not support Windows 11. So if you find a failure message it’s fine just be happy with your windows 10. Although Microsoft cancels the TPM ( Trusted Platform Module) dependency for the Insider preview, it may be implemented for the final release.

Register yourself for the insider program.

Earlier you have to go to the Microsoft website to register yourself for the insider program but they made the process easy this time.

One thing to remember your pc might have the windows 10 version otherwise this process does not work.

First, go to Settings > then click on Update and Security > click Windows Insider Program

Note: one thing to remember is if you have done these steps for the first time then you may not find the Windows 11 insider preview. So first time after clicking the Windows Insider program select  ” Go to Diagnostic and Feedback settings to turn on optional diagnostic data”.

then it takes you to the Diagnostic and Feedback option. Similarly, you found this menu in the Privacy section as well. Under Diagnostic data select the second option “Optional Digonistic Data”.

To manage the Windows Insider Program settings for your device and allow it to stay in the Windows Insider Program you’ll need to turn on optional diagnostic data.

When you turn it on then you are able to see the Windows Insider program and it allows you to choose the next steps.

Download and Installation of Insider Preview:

After doing all the previous steps now you are ready for the insider program and able to download the software. Just follow the steps.

Now if you are an old Insider Member then you don’t have to follow these steps but if are new to this then first you have to link a Microsoft account with Windows Insider Program.

Go to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Insider Program > Click on Get Started > A Notification pops up saying Pick an account to get started. Click on the link to an Account.

If you don’t have an Account first create a Microsoft account and then follow the next step and fill up the account details.

First Choose a Microsoft general, Work, or School Account > Sign In and fill up the details > Choose windows to remember your account for future operations or not.

Now after successfully logging in you are ready to download and install the Insider Preview. Just one more step to configure.

Go to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Insider Preview > Click on Get Started  > After clicking you will see three options for picking your Insider Settings

  1. Dev Channel: It’s ideal for highly technical users and you will get the build first to download and use. But it’s a little less stable and some usual bugs may appear.
  2. Beta Channel: Ideal for early adopters. These builds are more reliable than the Dev channel with updates validated from Microsoft.
  3. Release Preview Channel: If you want to preview fixes and certain key features plus get optional access to the next generation of windows before it’s generally available to the world.

Here in this guide, I choose the Dev Channel but it’s up to you to choose according to your preferences. You just need some technical expertise to use these but anyway no big deal. Anyone can do that.

After selecting the Dev Channel confirm it then the following screen shows like this. Here you clearly see the details which you have already chosen also shows your account details and an option to opt-out from preview builds.

Note: At this point, you are ready with the pre-requirements and getting closer to experiencing the brand new Builds from Microsoft.

Now just restart your PC  in order to make all arrangements and made the system ready for the Windows insider preview Builds.

After the machine boots up  Go to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update > Here you see the latest windows insider build.

Now you are able to see the new Windows 11 build version downloaded with other security features. This step takes a long time because lots of files are downloaded and installed at the same time.

It depends on the Network Speed and the server response time. In my case download was completed within 25 minutes because I’m using high-speed broadband.

But I must tell you the installation takes around 2 and half hours to complete. Although I have the Ryzen 3 Processor and SSD still it takes a long time to install.

Once the installation has been done there may be some more time taken by the system in order to update the full system and applications and get ready all things together.


Finally, after all the installation is done system needs to be restarted.

Here system just updates everything and an update window appears showing the percentage and progress and finally checking for any issue.

Everything is done now when the process is finished a brand new welcome window appears in front of you with a nice background image.

A new Windows 11 is here with most of the new features included. Just play around with these and tell me what you like most.


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