What are the new features of Windows 10?

The most advanced and complete operating system launched by Microsoft so far is Windows 10. It’s the successor of Windows 8.1 and is based on Windows NT…

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Features Of Windows 7 Operating System

  Windows 7 is one of the most popular Operating systems released by Microsoft. On 22nd October 2009, it was made available for all consumers around the…

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History Of Windows Operating System

To run a computer and interact with other devices like keyboard, mouse, LAN card, Modem, Pen drive, printer, scanner we need an Operating System. Only with the…

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Different Types of Operating Systems

  An Operating system is a group of programs that enables a user to interact with the computer hardware’s like CPU(central processing unit), Keyboard, Mouse, printers, modem,…

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History Of Computer Operating System

What Is an Operating System? An operating system is a set of preconfigured software that is used by the computer to understand the user’s intention. In simple…

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About Me

Hi! I’m Preetam, the creator of Osstory. Here I share some exciting tech stories about Operating systems and new tech innovations. I’m fully self-taught and still learning…

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