Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus – Crafted Beautifully

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus is the most good-looking and sleek Android-based Tablet out there with a proper S-pen and keyboard functionality that gives you all the writing and sketching functionality in a Tablet apart from the usual stuff.

Undoubtedly in the Tablet Arena, the competition is much lower than smartphones and a small portion of people use it daily because these days mobile phones are more than capable of running anything.

When companies like Apple, Samsung, and Huawei made a new tablet they want to give their consumers a device capable of doing more than just media consumption and on that note, Samsung Galaxy S7 Plus doesn’t disappoint you.

The premium tablet made by Samsung is very slim and made of good quality aluminum and the 12.4 inches size is quite big for hands although the weight distribution is great you don’t feel any headache using the tablet for long hours.

Samsung uses a very good quality AMOLED display along with other top-notch internals like snapdragon 865 plus, a humongous 10000 mAh battery, good back, and front cameras, S-pen, and the very famous Android-based One UI which sticks everything together.

The S7 Plus launched back on 5th August 2020 and when technology is changing every day should it makes any sense to consider a year-old tablet today?  Let’s find out in this post…

The Specifications:

Display 12.4-inch Super AMOLED, (2,800×1,752 pixels), 120Hz, HDR10+

16:10 aspect ratio

Pixel density 266 PPI
Dimensions 285 x 185 x 5.7 mm (11.22 x 7.28 x 0.22 in)
Stylus S-pen support, 9ms latency (Bluetooth integration, accelerometer, gyro)
Weight 575 grams (1.27 lb)
Software Android 10, upgradable to Android 11, One UI 3.1.1
Camera 13MP f/2.0 (main camera), 5MP f/2.2 (wide-angle) secondary cam
Front camera 8-megapixel f/2.0 26mm
Video UHD 4K@30fps, Auto Focus
Processor, GPU Qualcomm SM8250-AC Snapdragon 865 5G + (7 nm), Adreno 650
Storage 128GB/256GB/512GB with UFS 3.0
Fingerprint reader Under Display Optical reader
Battery Li-Po 10090 mAh  non-removable
Charging Fast charging 45W,
Connector USB-type C 3.2 magnetic connector
Headphone Jack No
Special features Samsung Dex, Quad speakers powered by AKG, Dolby Atmos Sound, Under display fingerprint reader
Connectivity Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.0, NFC, Dual-band A-GPS
Sensors Fingerprint (under display, optical), accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass
Price (INDIA) $780 6/128GB, $820 8/256GB, and $899 8/512GB initial price

Design and Display of Tab S7 Plus:

back and front

Look wise it’s probably the best tablet I used so far the metal body is made out of Aluminium and the back panel is a kind of matte finish looks classy and the in-hand feel is great.

The 12.4-inch tablet looks like a metal slate quite thin and relatively light for its size I admit holding it with one hand can feel heavy after a while but with two hands is quite comfortable.

Design-wise there is a big upgrade from the previous version and the flat side edges, the size, and basic shape of the screen, and even the button, speaker, and port placement are different.

Galaxy Tab S7 Plus measures 285 x 185 x 5.7 mm pretty slim and weighs only 575 grams. On the top side, we have a power button, a volume controller, a Microphone, and a sim tray for LTE connectivity (LTE version), on the right-hand side we have a single USB type -C port, nothing on the left side, and keyboard connector pins are located at the bottom.

The Tab S7 features Quad Speakers powered by AKG and the speakers have located on both sides and produce good outputs. On the back, we have a slightly raised dual camera setup along with a magnetic strip line that holds and charges the S-pen at the same time.

The mystic black finish which looks like graphite and can attract plenty of fingerprints the screen itself is an AMOLED with 2800 by 1752 resolution this gives you a total of 266 PPI one of the sharpest 10 inch plus tablet screens out there.

We have a WXQVGA super AMOLED panel with a 120 Hz refresh rate that produced an ample amount of brightness and the colors look punchier and brighter can go very dark at low brightness.

The 16:10 aspect ratio strikes a nice balance between tablet- and laptop-friendly use. The display has 266 PPI and the brightness level can go up to 400 nits in bright sunlight and has HDR 10+ support means you can enjoy your favorite Netflix movies in full HD.

Overall this screen looks great enabling the high refresh rate doesn’t require you to change the resolution and it makes supported content and UI elements appear much smoother.

One important inclusion here Samsung puts the fingerprint reader under the Amoled screen and it’s pretty reliable and quick to wake up and unlock the tablet.

Storage and Performance of Tab S7 Plus:

The 6/8GBGB RAM and 128GB/256GB/512GB inbuilt storage combinations are currently available and from the workload perspective it handles everything well we don’t find any lag or hiccups during our usage with the device.

Samsung used Qualcomm SM8250 Snapdragon 865 5G+ built on 7 nm process and still in 2021 one of the reliable processors used by multiple companies in their high-end smartphones.

The processor is Eight cores and out of the one highly clocked 3.09 GHz Kyro 585 core, three medium 2.42 GHz cores, and one low clocked 1.8 GHz Kyro 585 so in terms of performance you have ample power for all types of gaming, video editing, multitasking.

The tablets ran a handful of benchmarking apps with no trouble, scoring in the top percentiles and showcasing smooth performance across the board. More to the point, in daily use we didn’t notice any stutters, lagging, or frame drops.

The Snapdragon 865 plus chipset with Adreno 650 GPU provides excellent sustained performance even for heavy tasks and you also get the option for 5g connectivity if you opt for the LTE version.

Battery Life of Galaxy Tab S7 Plus:

A large screen means the battery consumption is higher and Samsung has taken great care by putting a huge 10090mAh battery inside of Galaxy Tab S7 Plus.

Samsung claims 15 hours of video playback time in S7 Plus and it seems quite true after intensely using the device for almost a week we found 20% to 30% left every day which is pretty impressive.

After playing a couple of games (Fortnite, Asphalt 9, Battlegrounds), browsing the web continuously with the hotspot open, playing youtube videos at 4K, watching Netflix at maximum quality, and rendering some videos the device easily gives us 8 hours of screen on time and 12 hours of video playback time.

Charging is a different story though there’s support for 45-watt fast charging that adapter is sold separately the one you get in the box is a relatively slow 15 watts with it we were able to charge the galaxy tab s7 plus from zero to just 35 in an hour.

Samsung could have at least included a 25W charger in the box so you should plug the device at night after work. Other than the tablets don’t offer any other fancy charging features, such as Wireless charging or Power Share.

Android with One UI:

Android Ui

Initially, the Galaxy Tab S7 Plus shipped with Android 10 based One UI 2.5 but as Samsung promises timely updates the new Android 11 based One UI 3.1 would be available for you if you update the device.

The New update makes it much smoother and solves many transition issues regarding the Android apps. Although the Android-based app experience is still far from the best and a great deal of improvement is needed when we compare it with the other operating systems like Windows, or iOS.

You can use the tablet just as you would a smartphone, especially a Samsung flagship. The Tab S7 Plus carries over all the software features of the Note 20 line, which means you have noted that sync across devices, as well as various stylus-based activities.

Samsung optimized its apps for the tablet, sure, but the majority of Android apps simply don’t adjust well to the landscape orientation. This leaves them looking and behaving in unpolished ways that detract from the experience.

One new feature Samsung includes in its One Ui is Dex. if you’re unfamiliar with what dex is it’s this platform that Samsung has that allows you to use their android devices in an environment that’s more like windows, it’s got a taskbar, windows that you can resize like this is a productivity-focused platform.

The main feature of DeX is that you can run multiple apps at a time in separate windows. However, the windows aren’t the easiest to manage. We particularly like DeX for work time. It’s simple and powerful enough to let the work be done but limited to a few apps but anyhow a nice inclusion.

DeX can also use for casting to other screens means now you can wirelessly connect your TV/ Monitors and use your tablet as a touchpad and do your work on the big screen. It’s a nice feature to have but I don’t use it that much because I don’t have a wireless-enabled TV.

Overall with the One UI 3.1 you get lots of new cameras to feature improvements, sync across different devices, be more responsive to the S-pen and extract more accuracy, improve the display and battery life using AI, and many enhancements were done.

A couple of security features also enhanced your Android experience like the Knox Vault keeps your sensitive data encrypted and safe from any misuse, Private share keeps you inform when any app tries to access your camera, microphone, or location.

Microsoft products are well integrated here you get plenty of apps pre-installed including the Microsoft Office suite and Onedrive. There’s even support for Microsoft’s cloud gaming service Xcloud with a proper subscription you’ll be able to connect to the cloud servers and play Xbox games right on the tablet.

The Cameras of Galaxy Tab S7 Plus:

Dual Camera

In the camera department, Samsung is using the same setup previously used for Tab 6, we have two cameras on the back and a single selfie camera frontside.

An autofocus 13 MP f/2.0 main camera and a 5MP f/2.2 12mm ultrawide camera for capturing a wide range of views. In daylight the camera captures a good amount of detail even in complex areas like foliage and grass the colors are accurate and you have low noise and excellent dynamic range as well.

5-megapixel shots from the ultra-wide cam are ok the detail level is rather poor especially compared to the main cam but the colors and dynamic range are both great and you get a wider field of view.

The low light images are coming out pretty average with a great amount of noise and the colors are blurred out in most cases but the recent software update improved the situation and now the photos came out ok just usable. The night mode with the combination with AI improved the low light images.

The selfie camera is placed in the middle if you hold the device horizontally and it’s nice thinking from Samsung because most of the time we use tablets in landscape mode.

Selfies are taken with the 8 megapixels f/2.2 front-facing camera and pictures come out pretty nice you get photos with enough detail and punchy color however the focus distance seems a little off the background is just a bit sharper than the subject’s face.

Videos can be recorded with the main camera and up to 4k resolution at 30 fps, these are good with natural-looking colors wide dynamic range, and a decent level of detail.

Additionally, we have electronic stabilization is available on both front and rear cameras and works quite well, you get a perfect shot even in slight moving scenarios.

Finally, with the new One UI 3.1 update, there are some camera-specific apps included that improve your camera experience. The Night mode, single take, live focus, panorama, hyper-lapse, super steady, and photo remaster all gives you tons of customization in the camera section.

The S-pen and Book Cover Keyboard:

One of the s7 plus signature features is its cutting edge stylus despite its larger size it is the same active S-pen you will find on the galaxy note 20 with ultra-low 9-millisecond latency and it offers the same features here.

Taking notes on the fly is super easy and the low latency coupled with a high refresh rate of the screen makes the writing sensation feel authentic.

The notes app can convert whatever you’ve written into the text to the recognition is impressive it even works for my sloppy cursive you can then export this text as a file like a pdf or a word document plus all of the notes you take can be synced via the Samsung cloud so you can save and transfer them immediately between your different devices.

The responsive stylus works great for drawing too Samsung’s free pen app is a convenient place to start it gives you plenty of brushes and tools to work with as well as a social network for sharing your masterpiece.

One of the more useful features is screen translation after you’ve chosen a pair of languages when you hover over a word you’ll see its translation in a little bubble.

There are also a variety of air actions available which are gesture controls for the UI or supported apps the S pen runs on a battery and recharges wirelessly when you couple it to the magnetic holder on the back of the tablet and takes 5 minutes to charge fully.


Click to Buy from AmazonWith the Book Cover Keyboard, getting things done is that much easier. Coming with a larger touchpad and intuitive function keys, the keyboard gives you a seamless experience, and when used together with DeX you get a PC-like experience with a single tap.

The keyboard has two separate pieces, the rear piece adheres to the metal back panel magnetically. It includes a kickstand as well as a flap for protecting and accessing the S Pen. The other half of the Book Cover connects to the bottom edge with a pin connector.

The keys are a more natural shape and have good travel and feedback. More importantly, the large trackpad support multi-finger gesture and is relatively large, quick, and accurate.

Together S-pen and keyboard complement the Galaxy Tab S7 plus but the sad thing is you have to pay a healthy amount of $229 for the book cover keyboard.

Price and Purchase Options:

Initially, the Galaxy Tab S7 Plus was launched in three different configurations the 6GB/128GB at $780, the 8GB/256GB model priced at $820, and 8GB/512GB at $899 but over time Samsung dropped the prices.

You can buy this tablet directly from Samsung or any e-commerce website like Amazon by clicking the image here.

A final thought about the device!

The 5G enabled tablet lets you work smarter and play faster with the power of a PC in a portable package. A large immersive display with optimized response time is perfect for handling even the most graphics-intensive games.

The included S Pen is more responsive and dynamic than ever for drawing, doodling, and designing with precision or remotely controlling the camera and video functions. A fast-charging, intelligent battery fuels you from breakfast to bed.

Although the camera images are just serviceable not great, some parts are annoying us like you don’t have a 3.5 mm headphone jack, there is only one USB Type-C port, the 15-watt charger takes long hours to charge, and overall the not so smooth Andoird experience in a tablet.

And the most irritating part is after spending a premium amount on the Tablet you have to pay a big chunk for the book cover and keyboard.

So the call is pretty simple if you want a slim and sleek tablet with a vivid AMOLED display and at the same time powerful enough to run everything at ease without plugging in then the Galaxy Tab S7 Plus is a great choice but if you’re ready to pay more then iPad Pro or Surface Pro 8 would be a better choice.

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  1. Wow this actually looks cool, like the design and everything!

    I love how you can actually attach a keyboard as well as use an s pen, I’m looking for something like this. The tab s7 plus definitely sounds like something I need. Currently I was on the look out for a suitably sized laptop but by the looks of it, I’ll be checking this out!

    Thanks for the information!

    1. You’re most welcome and along with the premium look, the internals is powerful enough to handle anything you throw at it. For creative artwork, the S pen is super useful and this new pen is more responsive. The keyboard makes it even more useful in some cases.

  2. I actually have the previous tablet to this and I’ve always found my Samsung Galaxy to be an excellent tool. I keep my guitar music on it and the backlighting makes it possible to use onstage. I’m even able to use my Bluetooth-linked foot pedal to turn the pages when playing, so I’m a big fan. My only criticism is the slow charging lead that is included, it can take days to charge and I refuse to be pushed into paying more for the fast charging lead.

    1. Absolutely agreed the 15-watt charger is outdated these days and at least they provide a 30-watt charger with the Tab, after all, you’re paying a premium price for the device. Apart from this one con, all other areas are beautiful. 

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