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windows 11
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Great news for Windows lovers. The long six years of wait are over, the brand new Windows 11 is launched on June 24 and made available for purchase in the upcoming months.

But those who are more curious and impatient Microsoft created A Windows Insider Program for them. You can enroll in the program and try the early build of Windows 11 and give feedback accordingly.

Windows 11 will be the most innovative and good-looking Operating system from Microsoft. Their main aim is to create an OS which totally user-centric, that’s why they shifted the start button from left to center, A big move right.

All the new features are added wonderfully to give users the best modern experience possible. With this edition of windows, Microsoft focus on simplifying the apps which are launched with windows 10 and integrating more apps with it.

The main focus is to engage its users on the platform with all they possibly want from an operating system. From this edition, users will experience a super-fast, fluid, and secure experience from their windows system.

The next big question is whether my PC is able to run Windows 11, So let’s check out…

What are the requirements to install Windows 11?

According to Microsoft any PC which is currently running on Windows 10 is able to run the new version. But in order to get the best experience from your Windows 11 PC, there should require some upgraded hardware support.

The minimum hardware requirements for Windows 11 are as follows…

Processor: 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster with 2 or more cores on a compatible 64-bit processor or System on a Chip (SoC)

RAM: 4 gigabytes (GB)

Storage: 64 GB or larger storage device

System firmware: UEFI, Secure Boot capable

TPM: Trusted Platform Module (TPM) version 2.0

Graphics card: Compatible with DirectX 12 or later with WDDM 2.0 driver

Display: High definition (720p) display that is greater than 9″ diagonally, 8 bits per color channel

Internet connection and Microsoft accounts: Windows 11 Home edition requires internet connectivity and a Microsoft account to complete device setup on first-time access.

Microsoft also created an application called Windows PC health check to check the compatibility of your system. You just go to and download the app then run it on your PC.


Some Upgraded features in Windows 11:

It comes with a massive redesign and new features that will offer a much faster experience. Here’s a look at some features that you should be excited about…

The new modified Start menu:

win 11 start menu
image credit: Microsoft

The New UI is totally different from the previous version and it looks great. The position of the start menu has changed from left to center at the taskbar. The center moved to start button works really well with large monitors or ultrawide displays.

By tapping the start menu you can access all the apps but also there are plenty of cloud-connected recommendations available and integrated with the edge browser. This helps you to be super-efficient at times.

The Live tile introduced in Windows 8 has vanished here, The updated Start menu now doesn’t offer any Live Tiles that you might have seen in Windows 10, instead, you will notice some recommended apps at the bottom.

Microsoft has added a dedicated search button as well so that users can search for their favorite apps and preloaded functions. The design system here is based upon you, whatever you like most would be given the highest priority.

Better multitasking with snap Group, layouts, and Docking:

snap layout
image credit: Microsoft

The snap is a very useful feature if you work on different things at a time. Windows 11 brings new Snap Layouts, Snap Groups, and Desktops to offer a better way to multitask. snapping means when you work with different apps you can easily navigate between them.

Snap Layout will help you to “snap” apps in several modes or layouts. There are six default layout options are helping to divide the screen. You can divide the screen into four equal sections to work on four different apps together.

Snap Groups is an extension of Snap Layouts whereby Windows remembers the apps you’ve been using and allows you to group them together. If you are working with multiple apps in different windows and at the same time responding to a mail snap group remember it and you immediately start your work where you left it.

Now what’s also cool is windows also remembers when you have a snap layout on a different monitor screen so when you connect to the other screen windows 11 automatically opens up the snap layout you are using on that screen.

Here are different snap layouts depending on different screen sizes and resolutions and windows manage all this intelligently.

Microsoft Teams Integration:

Teams in windows
image credit: Microsoft

This is a big move to integrate their own video calling app into Windows. Internet calling and video calls are very common these days so Microsoft integrates their team app in Windows and it’s the default calling app. Also, means now you can directly call friends, family, or co-workers with a click on the team’s icon in the taskbar.

Just see there is a Teams icon in the taskbar and you can just click that to open up the Team chat list, it’s very simple now you can click on a contact and make a call or even accept a call easily you can even use this to text people on the go.

But the interesting fact is Microsoft is using Skype already in windows 10, So what is the future of Skype we don’t know after Teams integration. And one more thought a lot of people use zoom google meet etc, so yeah it’ll be interesting to see if people switch to teams more because of this integration in windows.

New modified Widgets on the Taskbar:

image credit: Microsoft

The taskbar also features a Widgets button and now it’s having more information in one place. It also works really fast and fluidly with all types of devices and different screen sizes. This move is more like narrowing down the bridge between mobile and desktop.

Now you can click the widget’s icon and slide over your desktop to show you news, weather, calendar, to-do list, and your recent photos. You will also be able to view the widgets on full-screen in case you want to see everything at once. Add or remove widgets and customize these whenever you want.

The Widgets personalize your feeds intelligently with the help of AI(Automatic Intelligence).

Microsoft has paid special attention to the news feed widget, which is designed to conform to your interests whether it be international politics, sports, local news, Shares market, local Weather, etc.

Given users A Rich Multimedia and Gaming Experience:

By upgrading some of its existing top features from the App store to Xbox games Microsoft clearly made its intention clear. They want to narrow down all their platforms into one by integrating useful features into them. So, let’s talk about these more…

Native Apps and Third-party Apps Support In Microsoft Store:

Microsoft store
image credit: Microsoft

With the brand new store, Microsoft is redesigning the Microsoft Store, making it faster and easier to find the apps you’re looking for.

As you can see it has a new layout and UI that goes with the whole new modern windows 11 design and we think it looks way better than the cluttered store.

But the real big deal is that this new Microsoft store will allow all types of apps, the modern universal apps web apps, and very importantly win32 traditional apps like the adobe apps running in Chrome OS. In fact, Microsoft showed the adobe creative cloud listed on the windows store so yeah hopefully more apps are coming now.

This also means developers can choose to use Microsoft’s payment systems or their own and they don’t have to give any cuts to Microsoft that is awesome and this will definitely mean that we’ll finally have a usable Microsoft store

The new Microsoft Store will also feature streaming media from multiple companies and providers such as Disney+. Windows 11 also allows you to project media to your 4K TV with “wireless connect.”

Android App coming in Windows:

android app
image credit: Microsoft

The most awaited movie done by Microsoft is adding Android apps to the Microsoft store. But it’s not directly downloaded it’s via Amazon’s App store. Just you have to create an Amazon account to download these apps in windows 11.

Microsoft is partnering with Amazon’s Android App Store. It’s actually using the Amazon app store so that you can install android apps on windows 11 either way. Microsoft is using the Intel bridge technology to make sure these apps are running smoothly and nicely.

Android apps also work great with the snap app feature, You will be able to pin android apps for the taskbar start menu and be able to use them as your regular app on your PC which’s pretty great.

Xbox Gaming with Auto HDR and Direct Storage:

Auto HDR
image credit: Microsoft

One big update for gamers, Microsoft is bringing its Xbox series x and s features to PC. First of all, there’s the new feature called AUTO HDR which will automatically update games with better lighting and more vibrant colors. Well here’s what I’m

The Skyrim running in SDR and in auto HDR side by side and you can see the difference in colors right now this will work in not only Skyrim but a lot of other games like the age of Empire rocket league doom 64 and a lot more.

AUTO HDR will probably be supported in devices that have HDR support or if you have a monitor that has HDR support either way. Xbox now supports DirectX 12 Ultimate, which is said to offer immersive graphics at high frame rates.

Another cool feature is Direct Storage. It’s super useful in the time of loading a game, continue the game after pausing. Also, you see significant improvement in frame rates while playing rich graphics-heavy games both online and online.

In order to play Games, online PCs have to support the Xbox cloud gaming service so you’ll be able to stream games directly from the PC which is awesome.

Apart from these wonderful features windows 11 also give you little tweaks and options which are really useful sometimes like…

  • The Mute button is placed in the taskbar so you don’t have to open anything in order to mute the desktop. Just click it.
  • There are plenty of animations and themes displayed in the settings you can directly choose whatever you like.
  • The start menu integrated with Office 365 means you will be able to access all your docs here as well as all your devices.
  • Microsoft updates are much smaller almost 40% in size and more frequent as promised by the company. Also, they are done in the background and do not bother you too much.

Final Thought:

Is it as valuable as it seems?

this question always came up, So let me tell you whether you choose it or not it’s up to you but with Windows 11 Microsoft definitely gives you the most choice of systems, apps, and everything you need with your personal assistant. And they want to create an ecosystem where you can find it all in one place and also don’t have to change your current one, just include it.

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  1. Windows 11. My husband uses Windows 10, and I know he will want to know about the new upgrade. Thank you for providing wonderful information. However, like every Windows upgrade, it will have its teething problems.

    1. Hi, Yvonne thanks for your view, and yes every windows upgrade comes out with lots of new features but this time their main focus is to narrow the gap between mobile and PC. Focus on saving your precious time.

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